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Box: 2 deodorants & 1 lip balm

Box: 2 deodorants & 1 lip balm

VAT Included

Want a local and handmade gift? Treat yourself this summer with a little box 100% made in Belgium.

This box is composed of 2 deodorants of your choice that will keep you fresh all day while respecting sensitive skin. Votre box sera complétée par 1 baume à lèvres qui gardera vos lèvres bien protégées and hydrated during the summer months which are coming!

*Effective all day long

*Suitable for sensitive skin

*Ø of plastic

*Ø baking soda, foil or alcohol

How does our deodorant works:

Handcrafted in Belgium, our deodorants draw their effectiveness in their natural ingredients.


We use active and naturally occurring ingredients such as magnesium and zinc killing underarm bacteria.


These fight bad odours while ensuring the natural transpiration process. Our deodorant composition guarantees a perfect balance between effectiveness, hydration, and respect for sensitive skin.


Main ingredients :

  • Unrefined and organic shea butter and vegetable oils sourced in the EU: moisturise and soothe your skin

  • Magnesium and zinc: fight bad odours

  • Arrowroot powder: absorbs moisture

  • Essential oils: bring fresh and natural fragrances


Free of baking soda, aluminium, alcohol and artificial fragrances.

How to apply

Use of the deodorant

MIKLØ.bodycare.bergamot & rosemary.png

MIKLØ deodorant:

  • Protects you in an effective and natural way against bad odours.

  • Does not interrupt the natural process of perspiration.


  • Keeps you fresh with natural unisex scents.

Our ingredients:

  • 92% of our vegetable oils are organic and sourced in the EU.

  • The grape-seed oil is a repurposed waste from the wine and juice industry.

  • The unrefined and organic shea butter is ethically sourced in Ghana.

MIKLO.bodycare natuurlijke deodorant gemaakt in belgie.jpeg
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