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Taking care of your skin while taking care of the planet

Why were MIKLØ deodorants born? Day to day, our body can be exposed to harmful products that can create hormonal imbalances and have lasting effects on our health. Underarm area, especially, can be very absorbent of these toxins through our sweat glands. Meaning that using a deodorant that has harmful ingredients can have more impact on your health than any other product. 


We focused on composition that is solely naturally extracted and active ingredients that combat bad odours are directly derived from castor oil while all-natural perfumes are created with fresh blends of essential oils. 


Natural composition doesn’t take away the effectiveness of the deodorants as keeping you fresh the whole day is our main commitment!

MIKLØ.bodycare natural deodorant made in Belgium. Lime & orange for sensitive skin
MIKLØ.bodycare natural deodorant made in Belgium. Bergamot & Rosemary for sensitive skin o

Handmade in Belgium


We are all aware of the environmental impacts of transport and the major use of energy. At MIKLØ.bodycare, we wanted to have a completely local approach. Creating handmade cosmetics in Belgium is at our core.


Although, it doesn’t stop there. We are taking another step to source our raw materials as locally as possible in the EU. We are using organic sunflower oil from France and grape-seed oil repurposed from the wine and jus industry.

Plastic-free packaging

MIKLØ.bodycare. Our values: plastic-free

The Ø in our name stands for “zero” plastics.

The conception of the packaging since the creation of our brand was about no or Ø-plastics and we are continuing with this commitment through our deodorants that are packaged in compostable and practical push-up tubes.


Plastic pollution remains a pressing environmental issues and we believe that every single product that is plastic-free is reducing the pressure on the environment.

MIKLØ.bodycare. Our values: unisex bodycare
MIKLØ.bodycare. Our values: Unisex bodycare


Why creating a unisex scent? At MIKLØ.Bodycare, we believe that bodycare products and taking care of your body shouldn’t have a gender, specific colours or a scent that is either “female” or “male”. We want you to stay fresh, smell good and choose the identity you want!



At MIKLØ.bodycare we believe that animal exploitation doesn’t have a place in the cosmetic industry. Is as simple as that.

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