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At the origin of MIKLØ Bodycare, is Martina, a Brussels-based entrepreneur who, at a very early age, became aware of the impact of our lifestyles on the environment. In her quest for daily sustainable consumption patterns, Martina pays great attention to package-free shops and local brands. Long before MIKLØ Bodycare, Martina turned to zero waste lifestyle, starting with her own bathroom. Her search for ethical and sustainable alternatives gradually led her to learn more and more about the properties of natural ingredients, the composition of cosmetics, and the toxicity of many components found in industrial products.

However, Martina could not find the ideal deodorant or balm: local and natural ingredients that would not need to be shipped from around the globe, combined with convenient and plastic-free packaging. So she decided to use her personal approach as a starting point to create cosmetic products that meet her essential criteria: locally sourced, handcrafted and low waste. In 2018, she joined Brussels’ based incubator Start.lab which lead to creation of MIKLØ Bodycare in 2019. In 2020 she became part of accelerator Green.lab allowing her to combine her creativity, passion for natural products and push forward the sustainable and circular dimensions of her brand.

MIKLØ bodycare

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