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Zero waste essentials: 5 ways to reduce plastic waste in your bathroom

It is a fact that not all of our daily products are not environmentally friendly. For some of us it can be our own vehicle or even something as small as our toothbrush. If not being careful, most products contain chemical or synthetic materials and are packaged in a non-environmentally friendly way. While plastic waste continues to be a big environmental problem, many of us are interested in sustainability and reducing our negative impact on the environment, but have no idea how or where to start. There are many ways to consume in a more eco-friendly way and many times we get overwhelmed by the endless lists of products that are harmful for our planet. Let’s take it step by step. Today we would like to start with one room in your house. How about your bathroom? MIKLØ.bodycare is here to help!

Here are 5 environmentally friendly products to create a more sustainable bathroom.

1. Plastic-free deodorant and solid cosmetics

Let’s start with the basic bodycare each one of us has in their bathroom, soaps, shampoos and…a deodorant ;). If possible try to pick solid products as they require less water to produce, they are easier to transport and they usually have less packaging. If you prefer liquid products and creams, try to find brands that offer eco-friendly packaging and ingredients. Looking for a plastic-free deodorant? We got you! ;)

If you choose MIKLØ.bodycare deodorant, you choose a natural deodorant that is free from unnecessary and harmful ingredients and artificial fragrances as these can represent health risks, be a hormonal disruptor in our bodies and in the worst cases cause even a breast cancer. At MIKLØ.bodycare we use active and naturally occurring ingredients like magnesium and zinc that kill underarm bacteria in all our deodorants. These fight bad odors and help maintain natural perspiration. The natural formulation doesn't compromise the deodorants' effectiveness, because you'll feel fresh all day - and that's our main goal. The cherry on the top? Everything is plastic-free and compostable! Discover our favorite: Bergamot & Rosemary

2. Safety razors

Plastic-free shaving is possible! Have you already heard about safety razors? These are eco-friendly alternatives to your plastic razors that you have to replace so often, and then again. With a safety razor you invest once in a durable razor and afterwards you have to only replace the blades that have generally already a much better longevity. Overtime, this alternative is not only much more eco-friendly it saves you a lot of money as well!

Additionally, great advantage of a long-lasting razor blade is that it guarantees less chance of ingrown hairs, so it's not only better for your skin but for the environment as well. It is very easy to use and it looks stylish too!

This blog explaines how to start using safety razor, it has never been easier.

3. Washable cotton pads

Washable pads are used to clean your face and the most common shape is round. They are the perfect replacement for the disposable ones. There are several choices for your pads e.g. more sustainable material, organic or recycled materials and for the upcyclers among us the handmade option. They create less waste and in the long run they are cheaper because you keep reusing them! Once you have used them you can put them in a washing bag and together with your white clothes you can put them in the washing machine at 40 degrees! The bottom line is that they are better for the environment, take care of your skin, remove your make-up, are easy to wash and save you extra money. Here are few tips how to make few on your own.

4. Natural scrub

Just like cleansing and moisturizing, exfoliating should be a standard part of our facial care routine. The most important and obvious reason for exfoliating is to remove dead skin cells and skin cells, which improves the appearance of the skin surface and makes the skin smooth and shiny. We tend to forget this, but even during the cold winter months, it is important to exfoliate to avoid dry skin. It can help to reduce the appearance of pimples and to get rid of those annoying ingrown hairs on your legs ;) Have you ever wondered if you can make these scrubs yourself at home? It has never been easier! You can often use ingredients in your pantry such as sugar or even used coffee (a.k.a. repurposing waste!;)) to create your own, 100% natural, vegan and plastic-free body or face scrub that is going to feel awesome!

Read this article to find out how to make 5 easy and “do it yourself” facial scrubs.

5. Bamboo toothbrush

Last but not least on our list is bamboo toothbrush!

Eco-friendly toothbrushes made of sustainable materials such as bamboo can be a great alternative to a plastic one you have to dispose of so often. Dental hygienists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 months. So it can be ideal to purchase a product made from a material that can re-grow. Additionally, the antibacterial properties of bamboo are ideal for your toothbrush! It can help to stop the growth of bacteria while you brush your teeth. Bamboo is a natural material that is broken down by Mother Nature and most of the time these are made by eco-friendly companies that care about production processes and the environment. Pick the right one for you and when it is time to replace your toothbrush, follow the instructions of the brand of your choice to recycle your toothbrush.

Not to forget their cool looks! Have a look at this blog that goes over bamboo toothbrushes and their benefits.


Although we know this list is not an all-embracing checklist of things you could do in your daily life to create a zero-waste bathroom. A path to eco-friendly living is not the same for all of us but we wanted to show you a few steps where you could start. Do you have other tips or suggestions? Contact us!










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