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No more compromises.
The natural deodorant that works.

Blend of natural ingredients that fight against bacteria, bad odours and will make you smell amazing.

MIKLØ.bodycare are modern cosmetics made with sustainability in mind. 

From root to flowers we follow new research on botanical extracts to blend ingredients that will deliver the best actives to your skin, respect your health and take less from the planet.

100% natural

made in


Ø preservatives




Ø plastic


Flaire BEAUTY LAB: on a testé le déodorant naturel de la marque belge Miklo Bodycare
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The level of efficacy is awesome and the scent-free version for a person with allergies to baking soda like me is great. In addition, made locally, without plastic, usable in winter because in stick, big congratulations and thank you again for the best deodorant I have ever had.

I have been using the lemongrass deodorant for several months now. So far, I am experiencing only positive elements. The deodorant is very pleasant to use, does not stain and protects very well against odors,
even after intense sports!

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